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Bushmen Self inflating mattress FIT 480 – ultra light R-value is 2.1. 0.48kg

by Bushmen

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Bushmen Self-inflating mattress FIT 480 – ultra light R-value is 2.1. 0.48kg

Self-inflating mattress FIT 480 is one of the lightest mattresses in its class. Everything, from the anatomical shape to the valve type, is designed to minimize weight. It weighs only 480g and has dimensions of 183x51x2,5cm. R-value is 2.1.

Self-inflating mattress FIT 480 - ultra light

The self-inflating mattress FIT 480 is an ideal solution for people who are looking for comfortable and lightweight camping gear. The self-inflating mat is covered with an ultra-light material reinforced with a ripstop weave. The underside of the mattress is black, while the deep, dark green color on top discreetly blends in with the surroundings.

The filling consists of resilient, perforated foam with a density of only 12kg/m3, which, combined with the anatomical shape, ultimately results in a weight of only 480 grams at a thickness of 2,5cm and a length of 185cm.

BUSHMEN Travel Gear FIT mattresses are about 25% lighter than sleeping pads of the same size and about 20% lighter than other ultralight self-inflating mats with the same parameters.
BUSHMEN Travel Gear FIT self-inflating mats are among the lightest self-inflating mattresses available on the market.

FIT means shape that fits you

The “FIT” in the name refers to the anatomical shape of the mattress.
The wider upper part of the mattress gradually narrows, which, along with rounded corners, saves about 15% of weight compared to mats of similar dimensions but with a rectangular shape.
The body-shaped design ensures a comfortable sleep while maintaining the minimum weight of the mattress.

Comfort up to 2C

The insulation coefficient, also known as the R-value, is a parameter that informs about the ability of a mattress to minimize heat loss. The thickness of the FIT 480 mattress is 2.5cm. This provides an R-value insulation coefficient of 2.1.

This means that mattresses with this R-value are suitable for use in temperatures of 2°C and above. It provides thermal comfort during most vacation trips.

To the ground and to the hammock!

The FIT mattresses are suitable both as insulation inside a bivy bag (FIT 480 and FIT 600) or a tent and for use in a hammock. Thanks to the rounded corners, the hammock can hold the mattress in the right place perfectly even when the sleeping person moves around under the weight.

Easy valve

The mattresses are equipped with well-known and tested one-way valves with a quick air-release system. This design ensures that both inflating and deflating the mattress is extremely easy.


After packing, the FIT mattress takes up very little space, making it a great choice for backpacking. Rolled up and secured with a velcro strap, the FIT 600 mattress fits into a bag with dimensions of only 14x26cm. Thanks to its compact size, it can be easily taken on any trip.

Pump & bag

For those who value hygiene and do not want to inflate the mattress with their mouth, or simply want to speed up the self-inflation process, we suggest purchasing a Pump-bag that is fully compatible with our mattresses. It is a waterproof bag equipped with a valve for inflation. Thanks to it, you can easily and quickly pump additional air, and during the hike, it will protect your belongings from getting wet.


  • Contact with sharp objects may damage the mattress.
  • Contact with temperatures above 100°C may cause damage to the mattress.
  • Do not expose a fully inflated mattress to direct sunlight – the increase in pressure due to the heating of the mattress may damage it.


Size 183 x 51 x 2,5cmR-Value 2,1 (comfort temp. 2C and above)Packed size ø12x26cm

Set contains:

mattress, velcro strap, transportation bag.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 12 × 12 cm

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