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Frapp Funky Shad 9'' 23cm #26

by Outfish

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Frapp Funky Shad 9'' 23cm #26

Frapp Funky Shad is a highly versatile vibrating tail model, suitable for a wide range of rigging methods and applications. Its geometry features the classic Shad shape with distinctive "bumps" at the front, ribbing at the tail, and an original wide pentagon-shaped tail.

Different from similar models like Flint in terms of application conditions, Frapp Funky Shad offers a different lure behavior, sometimes triggering strikes when other silicone models fail to elicit a response from passive fish.

It effectively catches fish in both still waters and currents, responding well to various retrieval techniques such as classic jigging, steady retrieves, and different animation combinations.

The Funky Shad 9" can be retrieved with long pulls or alternated between steady retrieves with subtle pauses, and slight rod tip manipulations. The rolling motion of this model around its longitudinal axis is not as pronounced as in other similar vibrating tails.

The color palette is carefully chosen to meet the demands of fishing conditions, offering bright "acidic" colors, dark muted tones, natural hues, and special combinations with a vibrant "tail". Frapp lures of different colors stored together in one box do not bleed into each other.

An original attractant with a strong aroma is infused into the material composition.

Weight 76 g.

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