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ENERBLOCK Lithium battery LiFePO4 LIT LFP 12V 20AH BMS 256Wh

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ENERBLOCK Lithium battery LiFePO4 LIT LFP 12V 20AH BMS 256Wh

ENERBLOCK LITHIUM LiFePO4 20 AH batteries for the next generation of mobile power. Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology is the longest-lasting and safest variant of lithium-ion technology. Compared to "traditional" lead-acid batteries, LITHIUM technology batteries have a higher resistance to deep and frequent discharge. These batteries have no memory effect and a partial and persistent state of discharge does not affect their lifetime. Unlike lead-acid technology, LiFePO4 technology does not decrease the expressed capacity of the battery with increasing current consumption, which significantly increases their efficiency. Additional advantages include low weight, a wide operating temperature range and the ability to recharge the battery very quickly.

- Yachts, boats
- Camping
- Wind power plants, energy storage.
- Emergency lighting system, alarm system, fire alarm.
- Electric vehicles, scooters, wheelchairs

Key features:
- Battery made with LiFePO4 lithium-iron-phosphate technology with integrated BMS system.
- Possibility to use the battery in any condition and in unventilated spaces.
- Extreme lifetime for cycling and deep discharges.
- Low weight
- Higher efficiency (constant power regardless of current consumption)
- Fast charging capability (2-3 hours)
- Built-in terminals with screw thread for loop connector (possibility to buy adapter-sets in our auctions)
- Partial discharge does not affect service life

- Voltage : 12.8 V
- Capacity : 20Ah
- Energy : 256Wh
- Dimensions : Tall. 181mm x width 76mm x height 166mm
- Weight : 2.5 kg
- Terminal : Threaded-M5 (screws for loop connector included)
- Technology : Lithium LiFePO4
- Lifetime : 3500 duty cycles (DOD 80%)
- Date of manufacture : < 6 months