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Humtto Men Waterproof Hiking Sneakers 150187A-3

by Outfish

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Original price €69,00
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Humtto Men Waterproof Hiking Sneakers 150187A-3


For hiking the HUMTTO 150187A-3 men's shoes are the perfect choice because of its performance, comfort, and durability features. Important characteristics consist of:


Humto-tex 3-layer upper fabric technology.
-    The First Layer of water protective film, similar to DWR, the rainwater drop rolls off the surface and keeps footwear dry. Lotus Effect.
-    The Second Layer of membrane film with nano-sized fine holes controls the density to pass the air out and block moisture from outside.
-    The Third Layer is an inner film that absorbs sweat quickly and reduces the overheating of your feet. Lightweight mesh structure fabric makes your feet refreshed and comfortable.


Double-Layer Sole: The upper portion of the sole is composed of soft, flexible rubber that provides comfort and cushioning for the foot, while the below portion is constructed of compressed rubber for durability.


Sole and Traction: The anti-slip and anti-wear sole is designed with prominent, resistant treads that offer high adhesion and durability, making these shoes reliable in various outdoor conditions.


Integrated Tongue and Ankle Protection: The half-leg design provides strong ankle protection, while the integrated tongue design maintains a warm, cosy, and comfortable interior. The shoe's ability to repel water guarantees that it will be very resistant to rain and other damp circumstances.