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Naturehike Cloud Up 2 person Pro Ultralight Tent 1.36kg + Mats (New Version 2024 )20D Khaki Color

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Naturehike Cloud Up 2 person Pro Tent + Mats (New Version 2024 )20D Khaki Color + mats

Naturehike CLOUD UP PRO Series Ultralight Camping Tent for 1-2 Person Portable Waterproof 20D Lightweight Nylon and 8 Series Aluminum Alloy Pole Outdoor Hiking Backpacking Tent.

The Cloud Up Pro Hiking Tent is impressively lightweight, with a minimum weight of just 1.36 kg, making it a perfect choice for those prioritizing portability without compromising comfort or durability. Despite its ultralight design, this tent is remarkably sturdy, thanks to the high-quality 8 Series Aluminum Alloy poles and durable 20D Nylon fabric.

Setting up the tent is a breeze. Even in challenging conditions, the single-piece aluminum alloy pole system is intuitive and quick to assemble. The tent provides ample space for 1-2 people, with an inner tent area of about 2.73㎡ and a foyer area of 0.72㎡, offering plenty of room to store gear without feeling cramped.

One of the standout features of this tent is its excellent weather resistance. The outer and bottom fabrics, with a waterproof rating of PU2000mm and PU5000mm respectively, keep dry and comfortable during a heavy downpour. The B3 polyester anti-mosquito netting provided great ventilation while keeping bugs at bay, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

The storage size of the tent is compact (13 x 40 cm), making it easy to pack and carry. The included accessories, such as the 14 three-pronged aluminum pegs and 6 high-strength nylon reflective wind ropes, further enhance the tent's stability and security in windy conditions.

The Naturehike CLOUD UP PRO Series Ultralight Camping Tent is a top-notch choice for backpackers seeking a reliable, lightweight, and easy-to-use tent. Its combination of quality materials, thoughtful design, and impressive weather resistance make it an excellent investment for any outdoor adventure.

  • Brand: Naturehike
  • Model No.: CNK2350WS020
  • Name: Cloud Up Pro Hiking Tent
  • Inner Tent Area: About 2.73 ㎡
  • Foyer Area: About 0.72 ㎡
  • Inner Tent Size:210x130x105cm
  • Outer Tent Size:220x160x110cm
  • Minimum Weight:About 1.36kg(Without Accessories)
  • Packing Weight:About 1.62kg(Without Free Cloth)
  • Storage Size: 13 x 40cm
  • Configuration Content: Tent Door x1, Air Window x2, Doorway x1


  • Material Information: Outer Net Fabric: 20D Nylon Three-Quarter Double Line Grid Single Silicon Waterproof Pu2000mm + Bottom Net Fabric: 20D Nylon Three-Quarter Double Line Grid Single Silicon Waterproof Pu2000mm +
  • Netting Fabric: B3 Polyester Anti-Mosquito Netting
  • Ground Cloth Fabric: 210T Polyester Three-Quarter Grid Waterproof Pu5000mm+.
  • Tent Pole Material: Yukson™ Ф8.5 One-Piece Aluminium Alloy Tent Pole x1
  • Peg Material: 15cm 7075 Aluminium Alloy Three-Pronged Pegs x14
  • Wind Rope Material: 2mm High Strength Nylon Reflective Wind Rope x6


Minimum Weight Refers To The Weight Of The Smallest Part That You Need To Carry To Support The Tent Pitching.


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