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Bushmen Head Mosquito Net / Black

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Изначальная цена €4,90
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Bushmen Head Mosquito Net / Black


Spacious, comfortable mosquito net for head protection against all insects. It is airy, it protects and it does not limit visibility - all at the same time.
Fits hats up to 30 cm in diameter.

Head net/black

Thanks to the small mesh diameter (0,7 mm) your head and neck are protected not only from ticks, mosquitoes, and sharps but also from such small insects as blackflies, fleas, and lice.

The upper part of the mosquito net is made of black polyester which is soft enough to fold easily and on the other side stiff enough to prevent the net from lying on your face during use.

The upper part of the mosquito net is 30 cm in diameter, so you can simply wear it on your head or put a hat or cap under it, which increases the comfort of use.

The 50 cm long mosquito net ends at the bottom with a soft drawstring to protect your neck up to your shoulders.

The black mesh is also an excellent head camouflage.

The whole thing weighs only 30g and when folded it is the size of a small fist. It is good to have it while traveling.


Weight - 30g

Diameter - 30cm

Length - 50 cm

Eyelet diameter 0,7mm

Set contains:

Head mosquito net