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Mini Camping Table Naturehike

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Изначальная цена €49,00
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Изначальная цена €49,00
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Текущая цена €39,00

Mini Camping Table Naturehike FT08 Size S

 The Naturehike FT08 portable camping table is your solution for comfortable outdoor dining and relaxation. With its compact and lightweight design, robust aluminium construction, easy set-up and versatile functionality, this table enhances your camping experience like never before. Take the convenience and practicality of the Naturehike FT08 camping table on your next outdoor adventure!

Compact and lightweight design: the FT08 camping table is designed with portability in mind. Its small size and lightweight design allow it to be carried effortlessly in a backpack or camping gear. Enjoy the luxury of a comfortable dining table and worktop without compromising on valuable storage space.

Durable aluminium construction: durability and longevity are Naturehike's priority. The FT08 camping table is made from high quality aluminium for durability and resistance to outdoor conditions. This robust construction guarantees a reliable and stable surface for all your outdoor activities.

Easy to set up and assemble: the FT08 camping table is easy to set up. Thanks to its user-friendly design, you can quickly assemble the table in seconds, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying the outdoors. When it's time to pack up, the table folds effortlessly to a compact size and will be ready for easy storage and transport.

Material: aluminium alloy
Size 410*345*290 mm
Storage size 410*110 mm
Weight 0,95 kg