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Bushmen B-COVER Gear Slings (Mini-hammock for things + Backpack cover) 75g

by Bushmen
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Bushmen B-COVER Gear Slings (Mini-hammock for things + Backpack cover) 75g

B-COVER™ slings / L

For us, "ultralight" means not only minimum weight, but also the multifunctionality of our equipment.

The B-COVER™ Gear Sling is a practical ultralight cover for your gear and a rain cover for your backpack.

When travelling with a B-COVER™ protected backpack, you can be sure that it will stay dry and clean and that the straps and buckles won't catch on protruding branches.

When camping, the B-COVER™ Gear Sling can be hung under the hammock and turned into a handy "shelf" for your gear.
It will not only fit and protect your backpack, but also extra shoes, books and food.

Backpack cover
Slide one of the loop ends of the B-COVER™ Gear Sling over the bottom of your backpack.

Slide the other (loop) end over the top of the backpack to allow the fabric to protect the top half.

Tighten the two side loops so that the B-COVER™ Gear Sling tightly covers the sides, top and bottom of the backpack.

If you want to further secure the cover to prevent it from accidentally falling off/slipping, you can tie the side straps together.

The use of cords ensures that the equipment works in low temperatures even if the rubber used in traditional backpack covers breaks.

B-COVER™ provides effective protection against snow.

Equipment strap
When preparing a campsite, it is most convenient to first place a B-COVER™ Gear Sling covered backpack in the hammock.

Then remove the suspension system from the pockets in the corners of the cover and clip them to the carabiners on the hammock.

Now all you have to do is place the backpack under the hammock and, if necessary, adjust the suspension height.

The pouch used to store the B-COVER™ Gear Sling works great as an extra pocket for things like drinks.
It can be attached to the edge of the hammock, the equipment sling or hung from a ridge, for example.


  • Weight - 75g.
  • Dedicated to backpacks 35-55L.
  • Maximum load 30kg.

Set contains:

  • B-COVER™ Gear Sling / M
  • 2x rope with tensioner.
  • Hammock pocket / pouch

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