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ENERBLOCK lithium battery LiFePO4 LFP 12V 80AH BMS 1024Wh

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ENERBLOCK lithium battery LiFePO4 LFP 12V 80AH BMS 1024Wh

ENERBLOCK LITHIUM LiFePO4 80 AH batteries for the next generation of mobile power. Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology is the longest-lasting and safest variant of lithium-ion technology. Compared to "traditional" lead-acid technology batteries, LITHIUM batteries have a higher resistance to deep and frequent discharge. These batteries have no memory effect and a partial and persistent state of discharge does not affect their lifetime. Unlike lead-acid technology, LiFePO4 technology does not decrease the expressed capacity of the battery with increasing current consumption, which significantly increases their efficiency. Additional advantages include low weight, a wide operating temperature range and the ability to recharge the battery very quickly.

- Yachts, boats
- Camping
- Wind power plants, energy storage.
- Emergency lighting system, alarm system, fire alarm.
- Electric vehicles, scooters, wheelchairs

Key features:
- LiFePO4 lithium-iron-phosphate technology battery with integrated BMS system.
- Possibility to operate the battery in any position and in unventilated spaces.
- Extreme cycling and deep discharge lifetime
- Low weight
- Higher efficiency (constant power regardless of current consumption)
- Fast charging (2-3 hours)
- Built-in terminals with screw thread for loop connector
- Partial discharge does not affect service life

- Voltage: 12.8 V
- Capacity : 80Ah
- Energy : 1024Wh
- Dimensions : Length 260 mm x Width 165 mm x Height 215 mm
- Weight : 8.5 kg
- Terminal : Threaded-M6 (screws for loop connector included)
- Technology : Lithium LiFePO4
- Lifetime : 3500 duty cycles (DOD 80%)
- Date of manufacture : < 6 months
- Over-charging protection
- Protection against over-discharge
- Protection against overheating
- Protection against reverse polarity

- LCD display