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Opinel knife N°12 Explore - Tick Remover - Orange

by Opinel

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€43,50 - €43,50
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N°12 Explore with tick remover.

This version of the N°12 Explore comes with a tick remover in the knife handle, so you can get rid of ticks safely and effectively.

This new model has all the features of the N°12 Explore:

- An efficient, short, and sturdy stainless steel blade

- A fiberglass-reinforced polymer handle: hardwearing and comfortable

- A whistle that can sound at 110dB, to signal or call for help. It is audible from up to 300 m away.

- An easy-to-clean cutting hook for the game

- A tick remover: an effective and safe tool for removing ticks from animals and humans, important for preventing Lyme disease.

It allows you to get hold of the tick without squashing it, and remove it completely with a rotating movement.
The tick remover has two differently sized slots, so you can deal with smaller or larger ticks.
Suitable for both human and animal use, this plastic tick remover is very easy to keep clean.

A folding knife with a wide range of uses. Dedicated to hunters, anglers, and survival enthusiasts. Useful for camping, hiking, or expeditions.
The ergonomic handle of the knife is made of shock-, water- and extreme temperature-resistant plastic. In addition, it has a soft rubber insert for a secure grip. 

The head is 10 cm long and 2.7 mm thick.
It is made of stainless, modified Sandvik 12C27 steel.
Its blade provides very good cutting properties.

The knife is equipped with the Virobloc locking system- it locks the blade in the open or closed state.
The ticking device can be interchangeably used with the dedicated Opinel flintlock (002013).

Technical data:
Overall length: 260 mm
Length when folded: 160 mm
Blade length: 100 mm
Blade thickness: 2.7 mm
Steel: stainless, modified Sandvik 12C27
Handle: plastic
Lock: Virobloc
Weight: 157 g

Manufacturer: Opinel, France

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