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Opinel Picnic+set with fork, spoon, napkin

by Opinel

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The fork and spoon attached to the knife!

The fork and the spoon are compatible with the traditional N°08 knives with a wooden handle and double safety ring we have been marketing since 2000.

These Picnic + accessories will soon become your go-to for meals on the go!

Designed in collaboration with designer Franck Fontana, the kit consists of:

- A microfibre towel case that is both a storage and cleaning device
- Two inserts, a fork, and a spoon attached to a no. 08 knife

The inserts are made of stainless steel, so they are pleasant to eat with as well as sturdy and hygienic (compatible with wooden handled N°08 knives, equipped with the Virobloc safety ring marketed since 2000).

To attach the fork or spoon:

- with the knife blade closed, open the rotating ring
- attach the fork or spoon to the ring using the small nicks
- close the ring

This compact, lightweight, and easily transportable kit is made in France and is designed to replace disposable cutlery.

For picnics but also office meals!

Steel: stainless
Fork weight: 16g
Weight of spoon: 23g
Weight of microfibre: 12g

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