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Bushmen THERMO Hammock Rain Cover 2×3 / Olive 550g

by Bushmen
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Bushmen THERMO Hammock Rain Cover 2×3 / Olive 550g

A strong, water-resistant hammock rain cover, lifesaving tarp with an insulating layer. The tarp is light, water-resistant, and very durable with a ripstop weave.

THERMO-Tarp™ 2x3 / olive

is the latest, stronger version of the well-received waterproof rescue tarp with thermal insulation. Now the tarp is made of extremely packable, lightweight, waterproof, and importantly breathable ripstop weave material.

The fabric is coated with a thermal insulation layer for added thermal comfort.

The silver coating perfectly reflects the body heat keeping you comfortable e.g. during cold nights.
On hot days it reflects sunlight, significantly lowering the temperature under the tarp.

UPF 50+

The thermal insulation layer protects against UV radiation!
Laboratory tests confirm the highest possible UV protection factor UPF 50+. UVB radiation responsible for skin aging – 97.74% protection
UVB radiation is responsible for skin cancer – 99.92% protection.

The top side is dark olive green in color, easily absorbs heat, and masks well.

Use of

With webbing reinforcement and conveniently placed loops, the canopy can be unfolded in many ways. This gives comfort and protection in any situation.

Using the surroundings, (trees, rocks, hollows) and trekking poles, paddles, bicycles, or just poles, you can create a great tent perfectly adapted to the place and the weather.

In many situations, the BUSHMEN® THERMO-Tarp™ 2×3 is far superior to a traditional tent. With its low weight (0,55 kg), a shelter made of it provides much more space than a tent (of similar weight). It can comfortably sleep up to 3 people.

In extremely bad weather it can be used as an “assault” tent in a few moments. Such shelter fully insulates both from the ground and from every other side. The thermal conductivity of tarp is almost 40 times lower than sand and almost 20 times lower than grass. It then provides full protection from the cold, precipitation, and wind leaving enough room to lie down or sit while waiting for the weather to improve.

On hot days breaking the shelter with the heat insulating side out provides a nice shade protecting against overheating.

On everyday family vacations, the tarp can be used to create an airy patio over the entrance of the tent or serve as a cover for the outdoor bathroom. When placed on top of the tent, the THERMO-Tarp protects against the heat inside and allows for longer sleep in the morning on hot days.

The canopy can also be used as a large, comfortable hammock, type “banana” with a width of 2m and length of 3m, or a hammock with protection against wind and rain.

THERMO-Tarp hammock rain cover 2x3 / olive i Hamak

THERMO- Tarp is, of course, the perfect complement to the hammock (e.g. hammock BUSHBED), it can be used as:

A canopy to protect against precipitation and wind.
Protection from the sun. The thermal insulation layer reflects sun rays, so it is much cooler under the tarp.
The under quilt protects against low temperatures thanks to its unique thermal insulation.
In case when pitching a hammock is impossible, it successfully replaces a tent.

Unique design

The unique design makes it not only a practical and lightweight camping shelter. Also, depending on the situation, it is a practical blanket, sleeping mattress or a complete bed or rescue stretcher. It can also be used as a heat reflector (e.g. when drying clothes) a signal sheet during rescue operations or…a trapper backpack.

14 loops and reinforcements placed in key places divide the canopy into two parts with different uses:

Carrying half – the half with most loops and reinforcements for hammocks, stretchers and other applications requiring higher loads
The covering half – the half without loops and reinforcements (except for the edges) is designed for roofing.

Transportation bag

The whole is hidden in the bag, equipped with handles and trails compatible with the Molle or Palls system.

The handles are located both along the bag and on its bottom. They make it easy to carry, as well as to take it out from such places as a canoe’s locker or simply from between other baggage.

The loops allow you to conveniently attach the THERMO-Tarp 2×3 to your backpack without fear that the tarp will accidentally slip out during transport.

By weaving the ridgeline through the loops, the bag can be used as a convenient pocket for things you want to have close at hand.

When folded, the tarp does not take up much space – the bag measures only 26 x 12 x 12 cm – so it will fit on the flap of even a small backpack.


Specification hammock rain cover:

  • Dimensions 2×3 m
  • Weight 0.55 kg
  • 14 loops
  • Water resistance 3500mm
  • Vapor permeable
  • Static strength of hammock space is 70 kg.

Set contains:

  • THERMO-Tarp™
  • 10m Rope,
  • Transportation bag

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