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Widesea Camping Mug 200ml

by Widesea

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Original price €5,50
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Widesea Camping Mug 200ml


1. Small size, convenient storage, suitable for outdoor camping.

2. Double handle, the handle can be folded.

3. Capacity 200ml, suitable for outdoor drinking water and tea.

4. Shrinking bottom design, multiple cups can be stacked and stored.



1. Name: Widesea Camping Cup Foldable handle outdoor aluminum cup

2. Color: Grey

3. Material: Aluminum alloy

4. size: φ75mm*60mm, handle length 50mm

5. Weight: about 37G



1. The flame of the stove head should not exceed the collector ring to avoid high temperature melting and deformation caused by poor heat dissipation of the collector ring.

2. It is recommended to use it with a small stove, or adjust the flame of the large stove to just in the collector circle.

3. It is strictly forbidden to dry burn the empty pot for a long time, so as not to affect the service life of the pot.

4. In order to avoid damage to the bottom of the pot, do not use a metal spatula, please use a silicone spatula, wooden spatula, nylon shovel, etc.

5. Clean the pot and pan in time after use, and wipe the pot dry to keep the pot clean. Do not use steel wool, use scouring pads, sponge brushes are enough.

6. If the temperature is too high or the outer wall of the pot is stained with impurities such as oil stains or seasonings, heating may change color, please clean it in time.

7. Wash the pot after each use, wipe the remaining moisture on the surface of the pot after washing, and then place it in a dry place.

Do not wash in the dishwasher or with certain oxidants.