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Widesea Titanium Spoon 22cm

by Widesea

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Original price €5,50
€5,50 - €5,50
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Widesea Outdoor Lightweight Titanium spoon 22cm


1. Integrated molding, anti-drop, and durable.

2. Extended handle design for increased grip.

3. The surface of titanium products has a dense oxide film, which can adapt to various environments.

4. Titanium cutlery is very easy to clean.




 Name: Widesea Camping Titanium Cutlery

 Size: 220mm




1. Titanium products are strictly forbidden to dry burn, and they are easy to deform when burned.

2. Do not use strong detergent, do not use sharp cleaning balls.

3. During the heating process, wear heat-insulating gloves and touch and then touch the handle to prevent scalding.

4. Clean in time after use.

5. Titanium material is easy to leave fingerprints and water stains, which is a normal characteristic of the material and does not affect the use.

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