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Free shipping across Europe for orders over €150
Free shipping across Europe for orders over €150

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Kas ir R-Value?

Kas ir R-Value?

Miega kvalitāte ir būtisks faktors mūsu ikdienas labklājībai un enerģijas līmenim. Viens no svarīgākajiem elementiem, kas ietekmē mūsu miega komfortu, ir matracis. Bet kā izvēlēties pareizo matraci nakšņošanai ārpu mājas, ņemot vērā sezonas un ārējos apstākļus? Šeit mēs apskatīsim R-vērtību koncepts un to, kā tas saistās ar ārējo temperatūru un sezonālajām vajadzībām.

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Kas ir Softshell?

Kas ir Softshell?

Atklājiet Softshell būtību - audumu, kas ir izstrādāts, lai pārvarētu dabas spēkus! Atklājiet Softshell noslēpumus, tā nevienlīdzīgās priekšrocības un iemeslus, kāpēc tas ir galīgais izvēles variants, lai pārvarētu visgrūtākos laika apstākļus arī ziemā.

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What anglers say when they aren`t fishing.

img_0596_06cc7a50-ea80-416c-8e2b-cc6352f03d02 - Outfish

High quality products at affordable prices. In my view, perfect choice of clothes for anglers for whom the weather should not be an obstacle to enjoy a good fishing day. I am not a fan of cold weather, but my best catches usually are in autumn, which is rather cold in my country. Tested my new bib pants and jacket during this winter and was positively surprised, they really hold the heat very well. I recommend the store!


raznik_4b392b60-e3ac-43a7-b864-76ebc1e8ca87 - Outfish

Bought a wader and a fishing jacket!! Waider mega light and soft! I've never seen a better jacket! Pockets on the chest for boxes with baits, additional pockets for small items and a phone, the hood folds into the collar and there is even ventilation! Very cool!! I'm satisfied! The seller is a nice guy, explained everything intelligibly and showed! The only store found not immediately. The navigator brought almost there! In general, the store is cool! I recommend!


Capture_2b53c436-ef15-40ed-b58a-6a0b1e4bf180 - Outfish

Great shop for lovers of active recreation. I bought a tent and a backpack for traveling. The prices are affordable for such an excellent quality stuff. I have been using a backpack for some time, it is durable, beautiful and roomy. Absolutely recommend this brand. You will not regret it! Thanks also to the store staff for their warm and personal service. Really knowledgeable in their field.


Kris_74_467a2fd7-f2b2-43fd-a93f-b8f5a06c5765 - Outfish

Very professional people.
Helped me with size and product selection.
I was looking at more expensive jacket but they offered and ensured me the cheaper one will better for what I needed.
Can’t thank them enough.
Love my new jacket which came few days after order.
Great quality product and fantastic service
Definitely recommend


20220331_143944 - Outfish

Using FHM brands clothes already for 3 years and I am more than satisfied with price/performance/comfort/style 💣💪🙏
Long live FHM 😀 🙏


Capture_e963a860-4804-4456-82dd-9e7efe986c03 - Outfish

Nice quality stuff! I made second purchase - a UV protector, a very functional shirt Thank you, Guys!


Aris - Outfish

Good service, have showroom in the same place.


kirils - Outfish

I often shop at the FHM store, you can find quality clothes for both active leisure and everyday wear.


valter - Outfish

Very good fabric quality and workmanship. The functionality is definitely next to the well-known branded products, with a price-performance ratio that is clearly superior to the overpriced brands.
So for those who like to be outside a lot, regardless of weather conditions, an absolute recommendation.


IMG_1534 - Outfish

Ordered a kayak, delivered in a couple of days. Everything is fast, clear, aerobatics. Happy as an elephant. I advise everyone. Bomb staff


Edgars_06e75090-c471-42f4-a9b8-cb618e92add8 - Outfish

I bought the jacket for fishing and wear it daily. very stylish for fishing. :D


Darius_4 - Outfish

Great fishing clothes for protection from rain and lawn. Sincere recommendations!


Janka_COpes_Grupa_1c202116-65a9-45fe-a019-fa12194c6248 - Outfish

Premium quality at affordable prices.

Latvian Pagan

B2B Partnership with premium Clothing

B2B Partnership with premium Clothing

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