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Bushmen EASY Tarp 3×3 green 680g

by Bushmen

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Bushmen EASY Tarp 3×3 m Green


EASY Tarp 3x3 - a lightweight, durable tarp with a full set of accessories. Waterproof fabric, 19 loops + reinforcing stripe running through the center of the tarp. 6 aluminum Y stakes, 6 convenient guy lines with tensioners, 2 elastic PRUSIK-PRO loops, 10 meters of ridgeline cord, and a spacious carrying bag with handles. EASY - easily, quickly, comfortably.

EASY Tarp 3x3

EASY Tarp 3×3 green
Gear that seamlessly blends a sturdy, classic design with a comprehensive accessory package. That’s right! A complete set means you receive equipment ready for use.
EASY is not just a name; it’s a commitment.
Thanks to a carefully planned accessory setup, this gear is incredibly user-friendly.
Every detail has been considered, from the spacious carrying bag to the set of 6 aluminum stakes and convenient tensioners, right down to two elastic prusiks with attachments for securing the tarp and a 10-meter cord. All the accessories are of top-notch quality, chosen to ensure user comfort and the longevity of the gear.


The EASY Tarp is made from lightweight yet robust, waterproof 190T polyester. With a waterproof rating of 3000 mm H2O, it is well-suited to withstand various weather conditions, making it durable and reliable.

The EASY Tarp 3×3 features 19 loops – 16 along the edges of the tarp and 3 on the reinforcing tape running through the center of the tarp. The U-shaped loops, lined with additional reinforcement, ensure even greater ease of use and durability.

Characteristic of BUSHMEN Travel Gear tarps, the reinforcing stripping running through the center of the tarp further strengthens it and allows for tarp setup without the need for a ridgeline if necessary.

This solid yet lightweight construction makes the tarp ready for use in various situations.
The EASY Tarp 3×3 is both lightweight and sturdy.


EASY Tarp comes with all the essentials you need for a successful setup and secure anchoring.
In the kit, you’ll find:

  1. 6 lightweight, alu Y stakes

    These 18cm stakes, resembling the letter Y, provide reliable and durable anchoring for the EASY Tarp, even in challenging terrains. They are lightweight (12g) and sturdy, with their bright orange color making them easy to locate on the ground.

  2. 6 guy lines with tensioners

    These 3-meter-long guy lines with built-in tensioners make it significantly easier to adjust the tension of the tarp, adapting it to varying terrains and weather conditions. You can quickly and easily adjust the tension without the need for additional tools or knots. The longer guy lines offer great flexibility for selecting anchoring points and customizing the tarp for different setups.

  3. 2 PRUSIK-PRO loops

    These elastic loops with hooks are highly versatile. They allow for effortless and secure tarp tensioning on the ridgeline, functioning as dynamic guy lines. Additionally, they serve as excellent attachments for securing the packed tarp to a backpack or a bicycle frame.

  4. 10m ridgeline

    This generous length of cord provides ample flexibility for adapting the tarp to various terrains.

  5. Spacious carrying bag.

Everything conveniently fits into a relatively large carrying bag equipped with transport handles on both the bottom and the side. 
These handles make transportation and storage hassle-free. An ingenious idea is to weave the Prusik pro loops through the bag’s handles and the MOLLE/PALS loops on a backpack or a bicycle frame. This method ensures a secure attachment and compression of the tarp simultaneously.


The resilience of our equipment is derived not only from its solid construction but also from sophisticated protective mechanisms meticulously designed to mitigate potential damage.
Tensioners and PRUSIK-PRO loops play a pivotal role, adeptly absorbing the stresses associated with tarp usage.

If forces or stresses surpass established safety thresholds, our strategic safeguards come into play.
In such circumstances, guy lines and/or elastic loops can be released from hooks, constituting a calculated plan to shield the tarp from damage.

Resolving the necessity to reapply the cord is a straightforward process.

Simply lift the flap located on the upper side of the hook, place the end of the cord in the gap between the flap and the main part of the hook, and close the flap.

Avail yourself of our tensioning solutions to ensure optimal effectiveness and safety throughout the entire usage of our gear.

EASY Tarp is the perfect choice for all enthusiasts of simple, practical, and functional gear. Whether you’re planning a camping trip, a hike through the woods, or just need shelter from the rain during a picnic, this tarp will meet your expectations. Without wasting time searching for additional accessories, you can enjoy the convenience and protection that EASY Tarp provides.


Dimensions: 3m x 2.9m

Weight: 680g

Waterproof Rating: 3000 mm H2O

Packed size 28x12x12cm

19 Loops: 16 on the edges + 3 on the central reinforcing tape

Set contains:


6 aluminum Y stakes,

6 guy lines with tensioners,

2 elastic PRUSIK-PRO loops,

10 ridgeline,

carrying bag with handles.