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Outfish Fishscale Solar UV Hoodie UPF 50+ White/Grey

by Outfish

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Original price €35,00
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Color: White

OUTFISH Fishscale UV solar hoodie UPF 50+ White/Grey

Introducing our latest innovation, the Fishscale solar UV hoodie , designed to revolutionize your outdoor experiences. This new version of the UV hoodie elevates comfort and flexibility, incorporating a more elastic and breathable composition through the introduction of 10% elastane. This enhanced elasticity ensures an unrestricted range of motion during all your activities, while increased breathability complements its quick-drying capabilities, making it perfect for dynamic outdoor pursuits. The innovation of the raglan cut, flat seams, sewing hood, and thumb loop remains, accentuating comfort, protection, and convenience. The shirt maintains its UPF +50 technology, long-lasting UV protection, and lightweight construction, weighing just 0.21 kg.


  • The UPF +50 technology embedded within the fabric ensures maximum protection against harmful UV rays during a range of outdoor activities.


  • Moisture-Wicking & Quick-Drying: The advanced moisture-wicking capability keeps you dry and comfortable, complemented by the quick-drying feature that maintains comfort even during vigorous pursuits.
  • Odor-Resistance: The fabrics innovative design ensures odors are not absorbed, guaranteeing lasting freshness.
  • Lightweight & Breathable: This new version boasts exceptional breathability, making it even more suitable for intense physical activities. The blend of 90% polyester and 10% elastane enhances elasticity and overall comfort.


  • Raglan Cut & Flat Seams: Both the raglan cut and flat seams ensure a comfortable fit with minimized chafing, enabling extended wear without discomfort.
  • Long Sleeve & Sewing Hood: Providing extra protection, the long sleeves and sewing hood shield your arms and head from the sun and wind.
  • Thumb Loop: The thumb loop at the sleeve's bottom prevents ride-up and offers additional coverage.

Versatility UV Hoodie:

  • Ideal for Various Activities: Whether you're cycling, running, fishing, or engaging in outdoor sports, this shirt suits all your active pursuits.

  • Materials: 90% Polyester ; 10% elastane
  • Weight: 0,21 kg
  • Fabric density: 135 g/m2
  • Technologies: UPF +50

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