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Frapp Flint 4" 10cm #PAL03 / 6 pcs

by Outfish

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Frapp Flint 4" 10 cm #PAL03 / 6 pcs

Frapp Flint Silicone Lure - a versatile medium-sized model with a sufficiently voluminous segmented body in the "Shad" shape and an original chopped "heel" in the form of an elongated pentagon from top to bottom. The segmented body and angular "heel" create water swirls that make Flint noticeable to predators from a long distance.

Designed primarily for catching predators in flowing water bodies, it allows for various animation techniques: from classic jigging steps to uniform retrieval. It also shows good results in still waters such as lakes and reservoirs with slightly more intense animation.

The basic shape of this lure is a classic "minnow", a narrow elongated fish with a flat tail fin. However, there are obvious distinctive features such as transverse thinning-cuts, which conditionally divide the lure into 9 parts. The purpose of such "stripes" is clear: they make the rubber more mobile and provide additional vibration during retrieval.

The main vibration is provided by the rhombus-shaped tail fin, with its base reinforced by a silicone "corner" at the base, minimizing tail bites. Comparatively, one can take the Hustle Minnow with a thinner tail - it often turns into a slug.

Describing the appearance of Frapp Flint, one cannot fail to mention the presence of longitudinal grooves on the top and bottom of the rubber, ensuring its good passability in rough terrain. Good is an understatement here, because with the right equipment, the rubber is close to being "unsnaggable".

It can be said that this is the most versatile lure since Frapp is largely focused on developing rubber for large fish, as evidenced by the sizes of 7, 8, and 10 inches for other models. Flint, on the other hand, is aimed at catching various fish, including regular non-trophy sizes.

Frapp lures of different colors, when stored in one box, do not stain each other. An original attractant with a pronounced aroma is added to the composition of the silicone material.

Weight 7 g.

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