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Frapp Geko 10" 25cm #26

by Outfish

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Frapp Geko 10" 25cm  #26

Frapp Geko is vibrating tail with a characteristic "scaly" surface. The "tail" has a rounded, drop-shaped form. During retrieval, Geko exhibits a lively tail action and almost no "rolling" - swaying around the longitudinal axis.

Among all Frapp lures, this model is most suitable for slow retrieval fishing. Regardless of whether it's in a current or still water, Geko engages and consistently performs at minimal speeds, allowing for the most delicate animation.

An optimal choice for jigging in still waters and slow currents, including with minimal weight or even without additional weighting.

Its compact size is suitable for drop-shot rigging. The larger model - Geko 10"- 6.9" - works excellently for shallow water pike fishing with a standard steady retrieve and short pauses.

The color palette is carefully chosen to meet the demands of any fishing conditions: bright "acidic" colors, dark muted tones, natural hues, and special combinations with a vibrant "tail". Frapp lures of different colors stored together in one box do not bleed into each other.

An original attractant with a strong aroma is infused into the material composition.

Recommendations for Geko rigging:

Its versatile shape and elegant proportions allow for various rigging methods. Jig heads and swivel connections with doubles and offset hooks, different rigging options without weight or with minimal weighting like "stingers", rigs with spiral lock stoppers in different combinations.

Weight 103 g.

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