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Bushmen GLOW Goose Down Under Quilt -2C 525g

by Bushmen
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Bushmen GLOW Under Quilt -2C 525g


GLOW™ - Under quilt -2C it is an ultra-light ultra-warm, down-filled hammock under quilt. It perfectly wraps and warms up when you sleep in the hammock, even when it is cold.

Ultra-light & Ultra-warm

It is ultralight – 525g of total weight (filled with 300g of pure goose down 750 CUIN), very warm, down-filled hammock under the quilt.
Dimensions 2.0×1.4/1.0m.
It perfectly wraps and warms up when you sleep in the hammock, even when it is cold.

The model name, -2C, refers to the comfort temperature of the under quilt, while the minimum temperature (Limit) is even lower, -90C.
(Read more about the comfort and minimum temperature – here).
Thanks to our unique design, you can use the under quilt as a sleeping bag/ top quilt, duvet, or just an additional insulating layer to your sleeping bag.

What is very important, when packed into the transportation bag,

GLOW™ - Under quilt -2C has a volume of 3,5L!

There is a handle at the bottom of the transportation bag to make unpacking even more convenient.

This is a perfect solution for those ultra-light enthusiasts, who appreciate comfortable sleep and freedom of sleeping positions.


The GLOW™ – Under quilt -2C is filled with the Polish goose down, widely recognized as the best in terms of the fill power. This parameter is crucial for keeping warm. Thanks to its unique features, the goose down is still superior and the lightest thermo-insulating filling material. GLOW – Under quilt -2C is filled with 300g of pure goose down 750 CUIN!

There is something that makes our product unique:

The down that we use is recycled!

Down filling is obtained from products whose operating standards point out the need to replace them. Before we use is it again, the recovered raw material is subjected to a deep cleaning process with dedicated biodegradable washing agents. Then, after the down is sterilized and refreshed, it is subjected to careful selection and filled up to get the standard of 750 Cuin. Thanks to this process, we can offer a perfectly clean down with exceptionally high quality. The recycled down prevents unnecessary animal suffering as well as reduces the amount of waste that humanity generates. Maybe banal but true.

GLOW™ Under quilt – key points

The particular design of the quilt capitalizes on the down’s features at the maximum level.
H shape of the chambers prevents the cold points – the places (sewing lines) left without insulation.
This solution significantly increases the insulation parameters of the under quilt.

The part of the quilt dedicated to protecting the chest, arms, and head (on the left side of the photo) is 140cm in width and consists of pillow-like chambers. It protects the down from movement to the lower parts of the quilt. Thanks to that the chest and head are very well protected from cold.
The narrow part of the quilt is dedicated to protecting the legs. We have used a special longitudinal type of chambers. Due to this fact, the down is used in an optimal way and the legs are warmed up perfectly.

When the under quilt is used with the hammock, the down moves from the shrunk end to the parts where the legs are placed. When the under quilt is used as a quilt /sleeping bag, the down is spread evenly.

Well designed tensioner system makes it very easy to adopt the under quilt to any hammock. Read the manual.

Both sides of the under quilt are made of ultra-light rip-stop nylon (22g/m2) with a DWR (Durable Water Repellency) coating.
The fabric is durable and breathable. At the same time, it is dense enough to prevent the down from getting out from the quilt even after long-term use.
DWR protects the quilt from absorbing water which condenses on the surface of the quilt and flows down from the quilt.

Colors and use

One side of the quilt is dark green to blend into the natural surroundings. The other side, in the same way as pilots’ jackets, is orange to draw attention to our location.

The under quilt is equipped with two 1.25m expander cords with tensioners. Tensioners with self-lock are a proven and reliable solution that has already been successfully tested in our ultralight tarps.

The use of the expanders with the tensioners makes pitching up of the under quilt nice and easy.
When you already are inside the hammock, you can still easily adjust the insulation level by loosening or tensioning the expanders.

If you plan to spend the night on the ground (for example under the tarp), Underquilt GLOW can be used as a sleeping bag/top quilt. Just tide the expanders over the sleeping pad, and attach the quilt to protect it from slipping out during the night. This solution can work quite well when you use the Underquilt as a quilt (when you move the tensioners to the edge of the sleeping pad) or as a sleeping bag (moving them close to the body). How to use it in detail – find it in our manual.

Underquilt GLOW™ -2C – is one of the key points of your travel gear if you go to the colder regions.
It lets you sleep comfortably both in the hammock and on the ground.

Before use read the manual in which we explain step by step how to use the under quilt properly.
Read our guide about the comfort/minimum temperature and the influence of different factors on the comfort of the sleep outdoors.

– The comfort temperature of the under quilt is given under the assumption that it is used with the sleeping bag or top quilt with the same comfort temperature.
– In case the under quilt is used as a quilt/sleeping bag, the comfort temperature is  +5OC, minimum temperature -2OC.


  • Size: 2.0m x 1.4m / 1.0m
  • Weight: 525g
  • Filling 300g of goose down,
  • 750 CUIN
  • Comfort temp. - -2C / temp. limit: -9C

Set contains:

2 x expandersCompression sackLong term storage bag


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