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Humtto Men Waterproof Hiking Boots 240775A-2 Grey

by Outfish

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Original price €129,00
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Humtto Men Boots  240775A-2 Waterproof Hiking SpinOn Lacing System Grey (Boa)

Hiking shoes from the Humtto brand are incredibly light and cosy and made for maximum performance and trail safety.

Advanced US eVent Membrane: These shoes guarantee that your feet stay dry and comfortable by letting perspiration and moisture leave while keeping water out from the outside thanks to a cutting-edge eVent membrane with tens of thousands of minuscule capillary channels.

WaterProof Coating: The shoes' water-repellent protective coating, WaterProof offers an extra line of defense against the weather and keeps your feet dry even in damp circumstances.

EVA Sole Material: Long hikes are far less taxing on your joints since the EVA sole material absorbs shocks more effectively than standard rubber soles. Additionally, this material is significantly lighter, which improves comfort levels and lessens tiredness.


Enhanced Traction: With its strong rubber footbed and distinct tread pattern, this shoe offers superior traction on damp and slick surfaces, giving you the assurance to conquer any terrain.

Anatomical Latex Footbed: With heel cushioning and lateral support to provide a secure fit and lessen foot fatigue over time, the anatomical latex footbed is made for optimal comfort.

SpinOn Lacing System (BOA alternative): Humtto uses the SpinOn Lacing System for quick lacing in their footwear. This system features a micro-adjustable dial, lightweight and strong nylon laces, and low-friction lace guides, allowing for precise and easy adjustments to the tightness of the shoe. The SpinOn system is designed to improve comfort and performance by providing a customizable and secure fit.

The Humtto hiking shoes are a great option for any trekking enthusiast because of these qualities, which provide the optimal balance of comfort, protection, and performance.