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Bushmen Jungle Set (Hammock + Insect Net) 750g

by Bushmen
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Bushmen Jungle Set (Hammock + Insect Net) 750g


A complete hammock set ready to be taken into the wild. JUNGLE Hammock set is equipped with everything to safely hang it both outdoors and in the garden. The set provides complete protection against insects. We've added adjustable tree huggers for easy hanging and to protect the bark of trees. On top, you will get a HANDY pocket /L to keep your valuables close at hand.

Hammock JUNGLE set - comfortable & light hammock with mosquito net

The set is built based on a classic hammock with a length of 3 meters and proven solutions from our mosquito net for hammocks JUNGLE:

  • Convenient 30-second unfolding,
  • Smile-shaped entrance with a double zipper
  • Built-in ridgeline with internal eyelets for suspending e.g. glasses or a flashlight
  • Dense mesh (196 mesh / cm2) to protect even the smallest of black flys, surrounding the hammock on all sides.

Enriched with ultra-light tree huggers with carabiners.

Thanks to our tree huggers, hanging the hammock, on the one hand, is very simple, and it protects the tree bark against damage on the other hand.

HANDY Pocket completes the set.

A comfortable HANDY Pocket /L with two smart, hidden hooks that allow you to hang it on the edge of the hammock. You can use it also, as an additional external pocket on the pants.
Hide hooks inside when, not in use, and the pocket turns into a transport bag for tree huggers and carabiners.

Just hang it where it is in your hand and at the same time. During the day, for example, outside the hammock closer to the center. At night, when you sleep in a hammock over your head. When you are going somewhere further, attach it to your pants and it will act as a waist-bag. It can also be used as a passport holder on your neck.

JUNGLE Hammock set composed in this way is not only super-light and practical but also quite elegant.

A hammock in a classic olive color fits perfectly with the black mosquito net and the whole perfectly harmonizes with the natural surroundings. Do orange details only emphasize the bushcraft style?

The Hammock setup is simplified to an absolute minimum.

  • Attach both hammock and mosquito net end loops with a carabiner to the tree hugger previously hung on the tree.
  • Pull the free loops of the hammock and mosquito net to attach it to the second tree hugger hanging on the tree. Trees should be between 3.3 and 6m (it may vary depending on diameters)
  • Tighten the ridgeline strap of the mosquito net. Usually, it is enough to fasten the carabiners in the eyes of the tree huggers.

If you want, put back the mosquito net in the bag at the end of the process.

Remember! Attached are hammock loops to carabiners! The mosquito net loops and the mosquito net are not designed to lift the body without the hammock.

Close the bag and you are ready to go!

The JUNGLE Hammock set is packed in a bag integrated with the mosquito net. When you disassemble your campsite, push a mosquito net with a hammock inside the bag and a HANDY pocket with straps and carabiners on top.



  • Hammock size - 3m x 1,45
  • Max. loading 200kg
  • Weight of the set - 750 g
  • Tree huggers length - 2m,
  • Mesh dense - 196 / cm2

Set contains:

  • Hammock with mosquito net
  • 2x tree huggers
  • 2x ULTRALIGHT carabiners
  • HANDY Pocket /L