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Lowa boots Z-6N GTX C, Black Women`s

by Lowa

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Color: Black

LOWA Z-6N GTX C, Black Women`s


The certified version of the multi-talented boot for many different missions: With the Z-6N GTX C, LOWA has created a very comfortable boot that is both very func­tional and light­weight. It is perfect for missions performed on chal­lenging terrains and for marches with medium-heavy backpacks. This quality is enhanced by the mission-optimised rubber mix and the profile of the sole. The heat- and cold-insu­lating sole complex is anti-slip. It is also resistant to oil, petrol and contact heat. The elevated upper made of really durable buffalo leather provides optimal stability and support. At the same time, the durable PU material used in the sole provides excep­tional cush­ioning and stability with the help of various degrees of rigidity. The lining with the GORE-TEX membrane creates an optimal foot climate even during sweat-generating activity. The Z-6N GTX C is also anti­static.

Certified working boot according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012





Fast-roping specialist with func­tional details.

An outsole designed by LOWA with an optimised rubber compound to provide good grip.


Poly­urethane (PU)

Poly­urethane (PU) is a soft plastic that has very good cush­ioning prop­erties and is usually used in the midsole as a result. Through the use of PU, the soles become light­weight and func­tionally flexible.


Approx. 90%

Felt is a textile fabric that is made of disordered fibrous material that is difficult to separate. The textile fabric is char­ac­terised by its high elasticity and its insu­lating qualities. As a result, it is used in particular as a component in insoles and as an insu­lating divider.

Approx. 10%

Poly­amides are plastics that are synthesised and can be used to produce man-made fibres as a result. In addition to their toughness, poly­amides are known for their form stability, tear and abrasion resistance and waterproof qualities. Poly­amides are also elastic, very stretchy and high gloss.


Nubuck leather

Nubuck leather is a full-grain leather that is slightly sanded, a process that lends a velvety look to the leather. Nubuck leather is espe­cially durable, robust and open-pored. Depending on the desired look, the suede can be left untreated during the manu­fac­turing process or oiled or waxed.


GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear

Guar­anteed weather protection even during warm temper­atures: The Z-6N GTX C is equipped with a GORE-TEX extended comfort footwear membrane. The innovative tech­nology delivers optimal waterproof protection and breath­ability.

Permanently waterproof
The membrane provides reliable waterproof protection. No matter what sort of activity you may be planning, you can count on GORE-TEX tech­nology to keep your feet pleasantly dry.

High breath­ability
Designed with optimal breath­ability in mind, GORE-TEX shoes are a pleasure to wear even during intense activities and warm weather. Water cannot penetrate the footwear, and moisture produced inside the shoe escapes through billions of pores in the GORE-TEX membrane.

The GORE-TEX membrane dependably fights off the wind and the weather. As a result, you can head off on a tour no matter what the weather is like.


The shoe is equipped with lacing hooks with a closed design. The laces are guided securely and cannot slip out of their hooks. Closed lace hooks minimise the risk of the shoe getting caught on objects. 

A special frame design known as LOWA MONOWRAP® provides an extra degree of stability. 

The double-layer midsole is directly injected onto the footwear. The layers include carefully coordinated degrees of rigidity to create the best-possible comfort. 


As a result of its construction, the footwear exhibits a strong resistance to bending.


Injected Construction

To create optimal cush­ioning and the very best comfort, the soles of LOWA multi­func­tional shoes are directly injected. The complex injection process attaches the slip-lasted upper directly to the sole. This method creates shoes that offer optimal cush­ioning and are partic­ularly light­weight.


Upper height meas­urement according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012: 155 mm
Upper height outside: 160 mm
Upper height inside: 125 mm
Design according to DIN EN ISO 20347:2012: B (Boot Low)


1330 g/Pair (UK 8)

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