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by Lowa

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When winter sets in, the Cold Weather footbed distin­guishes itself with its pleasant inner-shoe climate.


Approx. 50%

Poly­ethylene is a semi-crys­talline and non-polar ther­mo­plastic resin that is, by far, the most widely used plastic in the world. Poly­ethylene is used in part as a component of man-made fiber/blended fabrics. It is used primarily to create comfort and insulate the foot from below.

Approx. 35%
Non-woven fabric

Non-woven fabric is a collection of fiber of limited length, filaments or cut yarns. Used as a component/covering of feet beds, the layer of non-woven fabric absorbs the heat generated by the foot, creating a pleasant feeling of comfort even in cold weather.

Approx. 10%
Perforated poly­ethylene

The structure of our perforated poly­ethylene promotes increased air circu­lation.

Approx. 5%
Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is the name used to describe a thin foil that is produced in a rolling process using the raw material of aluminum. Air-tight aluminum foil is primarily used in insoles as a layer of insu­lation that fights off cold from below and retains heat in the shoe.