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Lowrance Sonar HOOK Eagle 5 SPLITSHOT HD ROW

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Original price €438,00
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Lowrance Sonar HOOK Eagle 5 SPLITSHOT HD ROW


The Lowrance Eagle 5 ROW was designed to simplify and enhance the fishing experience. The Eagle is user-friendly, easy to set up, and features auto-calibrating sonar for quick and optimal configuration. It is compatible with the latest TripleShot™ HD and SplitShot™ HD technology. The new IPS display offers improved resolution and visibility from all angles. This model comes pre-loaded with a global base map and also offers the option to upgrade to CMAP® DISCOVER™.

Product information


  • EASY TO USE SONAR - The Eagle® incorporates Lowrance®'s improved sonar technology into our most accessible and user-friendly sonar to date.
  • SONAR TRANSMITTER ALTERNATIVES - Choose the best sonar option for your fishing needs. For deepwater fishing, you can add an 83/200 HDI with high or 50/200 HDI low/high CHIRP and DownScan Imaging™ transducer that provides the best view under the boat in deeper waters. If you prefer, you can also select a SplitShot HD or TripleShot HD transducer or choose from the existing packaged product options.
  • CHIRP- CHIRP sonar technology offers high-resolution views of individual fish targets, even when they are close to the bottom or in dense schools.
  • DOWNSCAN IMAGING™ - DownScan Imaging allows for easier identification of how fish relate to underwater structures, providing photo-like images of rocks, trees, and other structures directly under the boat.
  • SIDESCAN IMAGING - The SideScan feature helps scan large areas of water for structures with fish. You can see up to 600 feet on either side of your vessel, helping you cover more water in less time.
  • FISHREVEAL™ - With FishReveal and CHIRP combined with DownScan technology, you no longer have to guess when it comes to finding fish. It provides unparalleled object separation and identification.
  • AUTOCALIBRATION - The sonar has simple automatic adjustment settings, giving you optimal configurations right out of the box, saving you time and frustration.
  • DETAILED MAPS - With a preloaded global base map, you can upgrade to C-MAP DISCOVER® and other chart providers. With the Eagle, you have numerous options available to discover and navigate to the best fishing spots.
  • UPGRADE TO C-MAP DISCOVER® - The Eagle offers everything you need to make the most of your time on the water, with broad coverage of inland and coastal areas on highly detailed and accurate maps. See the waterways your way with C-MAP®.
  • GENESIS LIVE - You can create custom ½-foot contour maps of your local lake or unexplored waters in real-time, enabling you to know your local waters better than anyone else.




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