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Naturehike Double Sleeping Bag with Pillows Tibetan Antelope

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Original price €69,00
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Naturehike Double Sleeping Bag with Pillows Tibetan Antelope


Available after 1th April

This double sleeping bag is suitable for family outdoor recreation and has several features that promote maximum body relaxation and healthy sleep.

The dimensions of the model are 215 x 145 cm, providing enough space for two adults to sleep simultaneously. The design is complemented by two pillows, each measuring 37 x 24 cm. Their height is 8 cm, ensuring that the sleeper's body is in the correct position and minimizing the likelihood of unpleasant neck pain after prolonged sleep.

High-quality and durable materials are used in the production of the sleeping bag. The main material is 210T polyester - a synthetic fabric with water-repellent properties, preventing the item from getting wet when used in damp conditions. The synthetic cotton filler makes the product soft and protects the sleeper from the cold. The filler density reaches 250 g/m2.

The model is equipped with a zipper and can be used not only as a sleeping bag but also as a blanket. The product is designed for use in warm spring or autumn, as well as cold summer nights. Maximum comfort is achieved at a temperature of 15°C, with a limit of 10°C. It is also acceptable to use the sleeping bag at an air temperature of 5°C, but in this case, the sleeper needs to additionally wear warm clothing.

When folded, the dimensions of the sleeping bag barely reach 28 x 40 cm, and its weight is 2800 grams.


  • Double sleeping bag for use in the shoulder season;
  • Color - green;
  • Unfolded dimensions - 215 x 145 cm;
  • Pillows size 37 x 24 x 8 cm;
  • Material - 210T polyester;
  • Filler type - synthetic cotton with a density of 250 g/m²;
  • Comfort temperature - 15°C;
  • Limit temperature - 10°C;
  • Extreme temperature - 5°C;
  • Folded dimensions - 28 x 40 cm;
  • The model weighs 2800 g.