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Naturehike Single pot Set

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Original price €51,00
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Naturehike Single Pot Set (Kettle and Bowl)


The set contains two items: a wok with a 1.2 liter radiator and a bowl. You can cook first and second courses. The bowl can be used as a lid when cooking in the main container.
In the production of cookware used ultralight aluminum alloy and food-grade steel 304, which belongs to the type of stainless metals. The materials are characterized by resistance to mechanical damage and immunity to extreme temperatures. To prevent food from sticking to the bottom of the dishes during frying, the containers have a non-stick coating.

Dimensions: the wok and bowl are 123 x 129 mm and 65 x 127 mm respectively. Both containers are equipped with folding handles with inserts, which do not get hot when exposed to heat for long periods of time.

Efficiency: The bottom of the wok has a wind guard with concentrating rings that increase the efficiency of heating the container, minimize heat loss, and accelerate boiling of water and cooking by 20-30% compared to conventional derivative cookware.

Transportation: The containers are easy to clean after use. The user can place inside the wok a tourist burner and a 230g gas cylinder to minimize the size of the equipment and its convenient transportation.

In the folded position, the dimensions of the set are 177 x 145 mm, and the weight does not exceed 284 g. For storage is designed mesh pouch, which closes with a cord with a lock.



A set of utensils for cooking in the field;
The set includes a 1.2 liter wok and a bowl;
Materials - aluminum, stainless steel 304;
Non-stick coating prevents food from sticking to the bottom of the containers;
There are folding handles with inserts;
The lower part of the wok is integrated wind protection with concentrating rings;
Kettle dimensions - 123 x 129 mm;
Bowl dimensions - 65 x 127 mm;
In folded position the dimensions of the set are 177 x 145 mm;
Weight - 284 g;
Warranty - 1 year.