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Naturehike Wind-Mini Multifunctional Air Pump

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Naturehike Wind-Mini Multifunctional Air Pump



This multifunctional device offers a convenient and efficient solution for both inflation and lighting needs, making it a versatile tool for outdoor enthusiasts, homeowners, and anyone in need of portable and reliable equipment.


  1. Portable Inflation: The inflator function allows for quick and easy inflation of various items such as camping pads and mats, mattresses, inflatable Swim Rings and Toys, and more. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it ideal for carrying on outdoor adventures, road trips, or keeping at home for emergency use.

  2. Versatile Lighting: The integrated lampshade provides illumination in different settings. With adjustable luminous flux settings (60/160/300lm), it can cater to various lighting needs, from ambient lighting during camping trips to emergency lighting during power outages.

  3. Convenient Charging: It features a rechargeable battery that can be conveniently charged via the included charging cable. The 5V/1A input ensures compatibility with common charging sources such as power banks, laptops, or USB wall adapters.

  4. Long Battery Life: Depending on usage, the battery can last up to 25 minutes for inflation/pumping and 4.5 to 14 hours for lighting. This long battery life ensures extended functionality without frequent recharging.

  5. Comprehensive Package: The product comes with essential accessories including multiple nozzles for different inflation needs, a flame shade for the lamp function, a storage bag for easy transportation, and an instruction manual for user guidance. This comprehensive package enhances its usability and convenience.

  6. Durable Construction: Constructed from durable materials such as ABS, PP, iron, and silicone, the product is designed to withstand regular use and various environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.



  • Product Size: 4.7 x 4.7 x 6cm
  • Packing Size: 10.5 x 5.5 x 18.5cm
  • Product Weight:
    • Inflator: Approximately 105g
    • Lampshade: Approximately 36g
  • Packing Weight: Approximately 250g
  • Material: ABS, PP, iron, silicone
  • Air Pressure Value (Gas Flow Rate): Inflating 4.5kPa / Pumping 5kPa
  • Charging Time: About 3 hours
  • Battery Life:
    • Pumping/Inflation: About 25 minutes
    • Lighting: About 4.5 to 14 hours (depending on actual usage conditions)
  • Input: 5V/1A
  • Rated Power: 5W
  • Luminous Flux: 60/160/300lm
  • Contents: Inflator1, charging cable1, gas nozzle5, flame shade1, storage bag1, instruction manual1