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Naturehike Glacier Awning Canopy Q-9B 550 x 470 cm

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Original price €159,00
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Naturehike Glacier Awning Canopy Q-9B with 2 poles S size 550 x 470 cm

*Available after 1 April

The Glacier awning canopy Q-9B with 2 poles S size is a high-quality outdoor canopy designed to provide ample shade and protection from the sun during various outdoor activities. 

  1. Large Sky Screen and Projection Area: The canopy boasts a large projection area of over 25 square meters, making it suitable for gatherings, events, camping trips, and outdoor recreational activities where a substantial shaded area is required.

  2. Sturdy Canopy Pole: Equipped with a robust canopy pole, this product ensures stability and durability in different weather conditions. The pole wall is thicker compared to standard canopies, enhancing its overall strength and resilience against wind and other environmental factors.

  3. Sun Protection (UPF50+): The canopy fabric provides excellent sun protection with a UPF50+ rating, effectively shielding individuals underneath from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and save fabric from the damage. This feature makes it ideal for use in sunny and hot climates, protecting users from sunburn and other UV-related issues. 

  4. Generous Size: The dimensions of the canopy are 550 cm x 470 cm, providing ample space to accommodate over 8 people comfortably. This makes it suitable for family gatherings, picnics, outdoor parties, camping trips, and other group activities where shade and shelter are essential.

  5. Fabric Material: The canopy is constructed using 150D Ti-vinyl fabric, known for its durability, weather resistance, and longevity. This material offers reliable protection against light rain and UV exposure, ensuring comfort and safety for users underneath.

  6. Waterproof Index: The outside tent waterproof index 2000 mm, indicating its ability to withstand moderate to heavy rainfall. While not designed for prolonged exposure to heavy rain or extreme weather conditions, the canopy offers sufficient water resistance for typical outdoor use.

  • The "S size" variant of the Glacier awning canopy with 2 poles is suitable for smaller gatherings, camping trips, backyard events, beach outings, and other outdoor activities where a compact yet spacious shelter is needed.
  • Its portability and ease of setup make it a versatile option for various outdoor environments, including parks, beaches, campgrounds, and recreational areas.
  • While the canopy provides substantial shade and sun protection, it's essential to anchor it securely to the ground using stakes or guy ropes, especially in windy conditions, to prevent displacement or damage.

Weight: 6.2 kg

Package dimensions: 68 x 16 x 18 cm