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Opinel Garden/outdoor Tool Set 3 pcs

by Opinel

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A set of 3 specialized folding tools from Opinel.
The set includes two colorful knives: a garden knife, a sickle knife, and a colorful saw.
The main knives (lengths 8.00 cm and 10.0 cm) are made of stainless and modified Sandvik 12C27 steel. Their blades provide very good cutting properties. The deeply profiled blade provides above-average capabilities of the sickle knife.

The set is completed by an Opinel folding saw. Its double-sided milled saw blade (12.0 cm) ensures very good cutting properties. The saw ensures high efficiency and ease of sawing through a simple back-and-forth movement. Recommended for cutting branches, branches, or wood with a maximum diameter of 8 cm.

The knives and saw are equipped with a Virobloc locking system - it locks the blade in the open or closed state. This system increases safety during work or storage.

Ergonomic handles are made of varnished beech wood. There are holes at their ends for attaching a string or rope. The perfect work set for every gardener or florist.

The set of colorful tools is packed in a practical wooden box.

Color: natural beech
Blade steel: stainless, modified Sandvik 12C27
Handle: varnished beech wood
Lock: Virobloc
Set weight: 550 g

Manufacturer: Opinel, France